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Laundry Care Instructions

Laundry care instructions for Inez Active wear.

Utmost care should be taken into consideration when washing your Inez Active Wear to keep it looking at its best. Always remember to look at fabric care guidelines which comes along with your garments. Our active wear uses a blend of high quality nylon, spandex, and polyester woven at a specific way to give you the most comfortable experience and having you covered so you can just let go and dance your hearts out!

Why a blend of these 3 fabrics?

Spandex is a highly elastic fiber material which can be stretched repeatedly without losing its shape. In general it could be stretched more than 500% of its original length without breaking. How durable is that?! Nylon is a light weight, strong and abrasion resistant fabric which resist mildew and bacterial growth, making it an excellent choice for active wears. Lastly, polyester is a synthetic material, similar to cotton, but it holds its shape and its wrinkle- free hence no ironing is required.

Below are some laundry care tips for our garments.

Hand Wash in Luke warm water

Hand washing in warm water with a mild detergent will remove dirt and stains while retaining the garments color and shape. Gently squeeze garment dry and never wring or twist the garment to retain its shape. Remember to wash with similar colors to avoid staining and rinse thoroughly to get all the dirt and detergent off.

DO NOT use Fabric Softener

Fabric softener should be avoided as it will leave a coating which will prevent our pole wear from wicking.

DO NOT dry clean

Dry cleaning is not recommended as it can temporarily swell the fibers, misshaping the garment. In addition, fibers tend to trap dry cleaning solution odors which may cause skin irritation to sensitive skin.

DO NOT Bleach

Use mild detergent to wash and avoid bleaching agents which can cause color to fade.

DO NOT tumble dry

High heat will cause polyester to melt or shrink and wrinkling on nylon. Using a dryer can cause damage to the garment. Lay flat and air dry under shades.


Polyester and Spandex can melt when exposed to high heat levels. If you deem ironing is absolutely necessary, use the lowest temperature and place a pressing cloth in between the iron and garment. Make sure you iron quickly and avoid resting the iron on one spot for too long.